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Florida Water Cologne Plastic 2.0 OZ

Florida Water is a 19th century formula for a commercially-prepared toilet water (see below for a definition of toilet water) that blends an array of floral essential oils in a water-alcohol base. The name refers to the fabled Fountain of Youth said to have been located in Florida.

A similar toilet water is Kananga Water, which is built upon a foundation of essential oil of Cananga odorata, also known as Ylang Ylang (which may be closer to its pronunciation in its native growth region of Indonesia and adjacent areas). Commercial kananga plantations were established in Jamaica in the 19th century by the British.

Although both Florida Water and Kanaga Water have the word "water" in their names, it should be noted that they are actually alcohol-based Colognes -- unlike such products as Willow Water,  Rose Water, and Orange Water, which are made from distilled water with added botanical fragrances.

Both Florida Water and Kananga Water are widely used in rituals of home protection and spiritual cleaning to scent bowls of water set out for the spirits of the dead, as a basis for making an ink-dyed scrying water, and for other ritual and cosmetic purposes among people of African-diaspora descent in the United States and the Caribbean. A third 19th century commercial perfume with a long history of magical associations isHoyt's Cologne which is used among African-American hoodoo practitioners to draw gambling luck.

The specific blends of essential oils found in Florida Water and Kananga Water used to vary from maker to maker so there is no "one and only" way to make up these mixtures. Typical commercial formulas for both products can be found in any standard formulary in your local public library -- such as "Henley's Formulas," or "Fortunes in Formulas" by Hiscox and Sloane. (See below.) These days i know of only two commercial sources for Florida Water, Lanman and Kemp and Two Girls (a toiletry company in China) and two commercial perfumeries supplying Kananga Water, the Vandi Perfume Co. and Lanman and Kemp.

I used to make my own Florida Water and Kananga Water from recipes in commercial formularies, but i find that the Lanman and Kemp products are perfectly satisfactory and the labels are very familiar to users, so i now sell that brand in my shop and online.

Murray and Lanman Florida Water Cologne (actually now manufactured and distributed by Lanman and Kemp) has an old-fashioned Victorian-era style label -- very floral and rococo in slightly out-of-register pinks, reds, blues, and gold. It depicts a hodge-podge of isolated figures on a white background -- the Fountain of Youth, a woman with a bird perched on her hand, a troubadour with a lute, two parrots, two wreaths of flowers, flowers in a basket, ornamental leaves, etc. The bottles still have an old-fashioned long-necked shape, are embossed at the shoulder with "Murray & Lanman Florida Water -- New York," and are wrapped and sealed with silver foil on which is imprinted a spiral black-and-white trade mark notice in Victorian display lettering with a spread eagle in a stamp plus a handwritten signature ("Lanman and Kemp").

Lanman and Kemp also manufacture Florida Water Soap. This high-quality beauty bar has the same familiar floral aroma as the cologne and is wrapped in paper featuring the same lovely graphics as the famous bottle. Florida Water Soap can be used for physical as well as ritual cleansing of the skin.

Another brand of Florida Water -- Two Girls, from China -- also has a cool-looking label, featuring two girl children in Chinese costumes in a floral landscape, but i have never been able to get a wholesale line on it, and so i sell the Lanman and Kemp variety in my shop.

Murray and Lanman Kananga Water Cologne (now made by Lanman and Kemp) is similar in quality to Vandi Kananga Water, but the label is more attractive, so that is the brand i carry in my shop. It is another Victorian-rococo confection of floral motifs and scroll-work, centered on an image of a bunch of flowers and a waterfall. The container is less ornate, however, being a simple long-necked plastic bottle without embossing on the shoulder or foil wrapping on the neck.

This is a brand new item.

Emailme with any questions.

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