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How do I choose the best listing format
Auction or fixed price? Choosing the right listing format can help you get the best price for your item. Auction In auction listings, you put your item up for bidding, and it sells to the person with the highest bid at the time the auction ends. Auction listings can be set for one, three, five, seven, or ten days. You can also set a Reserve Price, for a fee, to ensure your auction item meets a minimum price in order to sell. You can include a Buy It Now price to entice buyers to make their purchase right away. Choose auction listings when You're unsure of the value of your item and want the eBay Marketplace to determine it. Your item is unique or hard-to-find, meaning it may attract demand and spur a bidding war. Your item's market value may fluctuate due to seasonality or popularity. Fixed Price In fixed price listings, you set a price for your item so buyers can purchase it right away. Fixed price listings last up to 30 days or until your item sells. You can even set a listing as Good 'Til Canceled, meaning it automatically renews until the item sells or you cancel it. Still open to a little negotiation? Add Best Offer to your fixed price listing, inviting offers from buyers and allowing you to counteroffer or decline. Choose fixed price listings when You know the value of your item or the exact price you need to get for it. You want to list your items for more than 10 days. You have a lot of inventory. You have multiple items you can group into one listing. Create listings that sell Improve your seller rating and keep buyers happy by accurately describing your items' condition. Categorizing your item Always list your item in the most relevant category. When your item fits multiple categories, you can list it in each one for an additional fee, though listing your item in unrelated categories violates eBay policy. Crafting an effective title Ask yourself what words you would use in a search engine if you were a buyer looking for your item. Because your title has a powerful effect on how the listing appears in search results, be sure to include important words like brand name, size, or other descriptors a buyer will be looking for. Using subtitles Subtitles show up in search results and make your listings stand out before buyers even click. While you're charged a fee for subtitles, they're a great way to provide buyers with more detail and item specifics. Writing accurate descriptions Accurate descriptions help buyers shop with confidence. Create detailed listings with photos and descriptions that match exactly. Make sure to include the brand, style, and model number. Describe any flaws or defects honestly, and never describe a pre-owned item as new. Keep your descriptions concise and simple, and avoid using flashy text or too many fonts or colors
Promotion Strategies
Top 5 promotion strategies Take your marketing to the next level with these tips: Open an eBay Store. eBay Stores subscribers get a powerful suite of tools to help build, manage, promote, and track their business on eBay. As an eBay Stores subscriber, you'll be able to showcase your listings in a fully customizable eBay Store and get up to 10,000 free fixed price listings each month month.* You'll also get special access to advanced design, marketing, and reporting features. Get more eyes on your listings. Increase your visibility by optimize your listings for search engines. Use promoted listings to create effective ad placements in prominent locations across eBay, and pay nothing unless the ad leads to a sale. Use Promotions Manager. Create customized discounts and coupons to incentivize buyers to spend more in your store. Use Promotions Manager to improve your items' visibility, and move inventory faster. Take advantage of Social Media. Millions of people use social media every day. They share their passions with the world, and they connect with what they love. Learn how social media can grow your business. Go global. Reach buyers around the world risk free. The Global Shipping Program is a great way to expand your market and your sales. Selling across the world is as easy as selling across town.
Photo Tips
Photo requirements Listings with better photo quality are 5% more likely to sell*. These requirements will help you get there. Every listing must have at least one photo. If your item is something that can't be photographed, like a vacation package or a home-improvement service, browse the Internet for copyright-free images you can use with your listing. Meet the minimum photo size. eBay requires a minimum of 500 pixels for an image's longest side. Most cameras and camera phones will exceed this minimum, and bigger is better! Don't use borders. Borders aren't allowed on any item photos, except if it's a natural border created by photographing your square or rectangular item against a neutral backdrop. Don't add text or artwork. No text or artwork, like "Free Shipping" or seller logos, may be added to photos. Use the title, subtitle, and description box to include details of your item. Use stock photos only for brand-new items.
How Can I Increase My Sales on SpookBid?
Give yourself a high-five for asking how you can make more sales online! The e-commerce landscape has changed over the years, and today there are many factors that go into being a successful e-commerce merchant. The first thing to understand is that you'll get as much out of selling online as you put into it. Millions of shoppers come to SpookBid every month, but there are a handful of things you can do to take advantage of all that traffic. Let's take a look at some of the most basic steps you can take to ensure a successful and profitable booth here at SpookBid. Your seller profile is an extension of your own personal identity, and it's where potential customers go to to learn more about you and your business. Use your profile page to let your buyers know who you are and what is special about you (for example "I am the fastest shipper west of the Mississippi!"). Include a profile picture so buyers can see who they are buying from. The best size is 400x400 pixels. Be sure that your contact information is clear and visible. Buyers prefer sellers that have a listed phone number, so consider listing yours or setting up a free Google Voice account to list on your profile. Include a link to your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc) so buyers have other ways to learn more about you. Lastly, if you've earned feedback as a seller on eBay, import it using our free feedback importer. You can find the feedback importer on your Bonanza feedback page. Setting up your profile page is an easy way to build trust and connection with shoppers that converts them into buyers. So it's worth the time and effort. Each booth on Bonanza is unique, but there are basic principles that apply to every seller. When you're improving your booth and listings, here are some areas to focus on. Pricing. Pricing your items correctly is key. Remember, there are no up-front costs on SpookBid. You only pay a small fee when your item sells, so pass those savings on to your buyers by reducing your SpookBid prices accordingly. Otherwise, if you list the same products on other marketplaces, buyers could accidentally purchase on another marketplace (like eBay) where you could pay double the fees you would have paid if it sold on SpookBid. Product photos. Double check your product photos to be sure they're sharp, crisp images that give shoppers a great impression. If your photos have cluttered backgrounds, you can instantly correct them using the SpookBid Background Burner. Here is some useful information on photos that sell. Titles and descriptions. Be sure that you have optimized your titles and descriptions for your target audience. Don't waste valuable title space with irrelevant or repetitive words. For example, instead of, "@@@***@@@Super Neat Brand New Apache Helicopter@@@***@@@" try simply "2010 American Apache Helicopter." The second option is more search engine friendly, and it helps buyers find your items faster. If you have ALL CAPS in your titles or descriptions, get rid of them as soon as you can - it looks spammy, and the search engines won't rank you as highly in search. Condition and traits. Save the condition and other traits for the description and for the available item trait drop down windows on each SpookBid listing. Never place conditions or traits in the title of your listing, because it causes search engines to rank your items lower in search results. Shipping. Be sure to assign specific shipping rules to your listings. Buyers are an impatient bunch, so if you only have "See item description" as a shipping choice then they won't be able to "Buy it Now" and might abandon the transaction rather than taking the time to email you. HOT TIP: Consider offering free shipping. More than 50% of shoppers cite "items did not qualify for free shipping" as a reason they abandon shopping cart (thanks, Amazon Prime). Many sellers will offer free shipping and increase the cost of the item to absorb shipping costs, as shoppers spend an average of 30% more on an order with free shipping. Take a fresh look. View your items as a shopper would, try to anticipate any questions they might have, and then include that information in your listings. Shoppers want instant gratification. If they have to email you for information that could have been included in the item details, you might just lose that sale. Social media is a natural way to get the word out about your products to a wider audience. Do your former and existing customers know that you're conducting business on SpookBid? Are you posting on Facebook and other social forums that might be interested in the items you're selling? Are you pinning your products on sites like Pinterest?
Top Rated Seller
Top Rated Sellers are recognized as sellers who consistently earn high ratings from buyers thanks to fast shipping and excellent service. To be considered a Top Rated Seller on Spoobid, you must meet certain requirements and performance standards. Top Rated Seller status will be reviewed on a daily basis. Sellers who meet the criteria will have a gold badge visible on their banner, as well as on their booth homepage and item listing pages, helping sellers to achieve more sales by instilling confidence in buyers. You can read more about how to achieve Top Rated Seller status below:
How do I establish credibility on Spookbid?
Great question! Buying online can be scary. Shoppers want to feel confident when making purchases from an online marketplace. Building your seller reputation can be a simple way to increase your sales on Spookbid.
Specifying Shipping Costs and Services
When you are a seller adding a new item to your Store for sale, you have the option to specify the portion of the item’s total cost that is going toward shipping. Specifying the shipping for your item is not completely necessary; however, if you do not specify either a flat rate or calculated by a shipping provider, the shipping will show as “No shipping” or “See item description”. Then, when a buyer tries to purchase the item, it will come through as an offer and you will have to approve it, which creates more work for you and more waiting time for the buyer.